Songwriters' Performance Workshop

"The Songwriters' Performance Workshop is about learning to become more expressive as a singer songwriter and performing artist."  ~ Jim Messina

Alisal Workshop Video

The Songwriters’ Performance Workshop is designed specifically for singer-songwriters who desire to become successful commercial songwriters and performers. Unlike “fantasy rock camps,” which can be a wonderful way of fulfilling a one-time fantasy, the Songwriters’ Performance Workshop is the real deal for those who aspire to venture deeper into their creativity.

During this five-day intensive workshop, Jim Messina will work with singer-songwriters and poets to help them discover new ways to find the words to express their emotions, feelings and thoughts in musical and lyrical terms.

Created and facilitated by Jim Messina, the Songwriters’ Performance Workshop week begins with the first few days focused primarily on songwriting. By mid-week, participants begin working on performing their own songs in preparation for the Workshop's Saturday evening concert. On the eve of the fifth day, attending songwriters will perform their original songs and poems in front of a live concert audience.