Songwriters' Performance Workshop


WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS are to bring writing books, pads and pencils. Clothing should be comfortable and layering is a good idea due to temperature fluctuations. At times, we may work on a carpeted floor, so bringing a lap blanket or poncho to rest or sit on is also a good idea. Time spent with each WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT will vary depending on the material content.

Singer songwriters are to perform live with their instrument or accompanist. The use of prerecorded music tracks is not permitted.

The Audio or video recording of any performance or discussion by WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS or OBSERVERS during closed session is strictly prohibited. The Facilitator may, at times, elect to record a student’s performance for the purposes of demonstration or illustration.

Instruments: The instruments used during THE WORKSHOP are limited to keyboards and stringed instruments. WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS are to bring their own stringed instrument and/or accompanist for their performance. An audio PA system will be provided for participants.

Guitarists: guitarists or stringed instrument players will need to have the following equipment: (1) Chromatic Tuner; (2) Instrument stand; (3) Guitar patch cord; (4) Adjustable guitar strap; and (5) Capo.

Before attending The WORKSHOP, be sure your instrument’s pickup has an internal preamp installed inside of it or that you have an external pre-amp to plug into. Instrument needs to have pre-amp in order for the PA system to amplify properly.

Instruments will need to be tuned and placed on their stand and out of the path of foot traffic. Please do not leave instruments lying on the floor. THE WORKSHOP assistants will direct you to where instruments and cases will be stored during THE WORKSHOP. Keyboard Players: THE WORKSHOP does not provide a piano or keyboard. WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS requiring a keyboard should be prepared to bring their own. Electronic keyboard players will need to have their keyboard set up and operating, prior to the start of each session.

Song Material: All Singer songwriter participants should be prepared to present two or three original compositions (whether or not complete). In addition, WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS are to bring typed copies of their lyrics for the Facilitator to refer to during sessions for THE WORKSHOP.

WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS who perform during THE WORKSHOP are asked to stay after their performances and remain there for the entire scheduled time-period, as a courtesy to those who were present during their performances. OBSERVERS must attend all sessions during the scheduled time periods.

THE WORKSHOP is not a course on music theory or music notation and is not oriented toward non-lyrical compositions.